The Cure

This was my first mix cd made on an ancient computer and in mono, because of some technical limitations. It was a test to see what was possible as I previously I made mixtapes which fas far from perfect. I wanted more control, I got more control! The mixtapes were stereo but on all other fronts this method was a clear winner. The tracklisting is very representative for that period as all records were released around that period. Far from a perfect mix it is interesting to see where all my music-skills on the computer started. In March 2013 I decided to recreate this mix in Cubase. Other than some minor adjustments the layout of the mix is the same. I also used digital or CD versions of tracks instead of vinyl rips when available, so the quality is much improved; from mono vinyl rips to stereo digital songs

Year: 1999
Running time: 1:12:19 1:11:51
Style: Hardcore, Newstyle, Newschool


01 Da Spawn – Intro
02 Kick-Side – Time to blast
03 Rotterdam Termination Source – Return of da source
04 Marshall Masters – Master Anthem
05 Black Knight – Ruff Rider
06 B.S.E. – Headache FM
07 Buzz Fuzz – Peace 2 da DJ’s
08 G-Town Madness – Silence
09 Da Hustlers – Time limitations
10 Endymion – Judge of darkness
11 Forze DJ Team – 98 to piano
12 The Masochist – Killing scum
13 Endorphin – The great strife
14 Endymion – Failure
15 The Viper – Rock the Disc-o-thek
16 The Prophet – Alarma
17 Neophyte vs. The stunned guys – Get this muthafucka
18 DJ Acesone – Tina (Was kosten die kondome)
19 Black Knight – Back to tha “O” School
20 Bodylotion – How much can you take?
21 Neophyte – Real hardcore
22 DJ Isaac & DJ The Viper – Fun-ky beats


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