The 3 Worlds

The last of my regular mixes. Creating these things is really time consuming so after this one I took a 3-year break to eventually create the Hardcore Retrospect series.This one shows glimpes of that project because halfway through I decided to throw in 5 tracks from 1993. There are some older tracks in here other than those because every now and then I would obtain a record that was out for a few years already. The CD artwork btw is the planet of Cybertron, the home-planet of the Transformers in the cartoon with the same name.

Year: 2001
Running time: 1:17:54
Style: Jump, Oldschool/Early Rave, Hardcore

01 Da spawn – The 3 worlds (intro)
02 Da boy tommy – Halloween (pumpkins mix)
03 Scott brown – Bass be louder
04 DJ paul vs Bass-D & King Matthew – Something evil
05 Danger hardcore team – Alone 2001 (Original vocal mix)
06 Black Knight – Ruff Rider
07 Men of steel – On a trip
08 Thunderball – Bonzai Channel One
09 Rotterdam remix project – Loving you (rotterdam mix)
10 Hard Attack – Bonehead
11 Ramirez – El Gallinero (Axis remix)
12 bulldozer project – Dieselwalz
13 DJ The viper ft. Mad-e-fact – Listen
14 Da Lord – Phatt bass
15 DJ The viper – Exterminate (T-1000 mix)
16 Masters of ceremony – Skullfuck
17 DJ Paul vs the stunned guys & MC Ruffian – Hardcore takin’ over
18 DJ Paul vs urban menace – Trick or treat
19 Scott brown – Critical level
20 Neophyte vs the stunned guys – Get this muthafucka
21 The masochist – No newstyle
22 DJ Buzz Fuzz – Don’t u cry
23 Zero six project – Motherfuckin’ DJ
24 DJ Buzz Fuzz – Murphy’s law
25 DJ Killah – Survivor
26 The Gatekeeper – The machine
27 Wedlock & Nosferatu – Bullitproof
28 Wedlock & Nosferatu – Fingerprintz (dj nosferatu remix)
29 DJ Delirium – Shut up and listen


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