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Again a mix CD, the story behind it doesn’t differ from the rest. It’s again made of popular tracks, although that’s not quite 100% true; In the period of making this cd I started to go less and less to parties and I wasn’t buying compilation CDs for years. So all I had was my intuition when going to Mid-Town every friday. Thus there are the real floor-fillers on this CD, but also a lot of tracks that I found really cool but never reached a large audience.

Year: 2001
Running time: 1:19:20
Style: Hardcore


  1. Da Spawn – Intro
  2. Base Alert – Down with the game
  3. Evil Activities – Angel of death
  4. DJ Niel & DJ Kristof – Earth
  5. DJ E-Rick – Phatt bass
  6. Three Village – Speak to me
  7. Bass-D & King Matthew – The masterplan
  8. Rexanthony – Hardcorized
  9. DJ Outblast & – Masters symphony
  10. DJ E-Rick – Physical reaction
  11. Rexanthony – Usaflash
  12. The Guard – Nuclear power
  13. DJ Mad Dog – The memory remains
  14. Three Village – Respect
  15. T-Factor – How many more out there?
  16. Alienator vs Headbanger – This is war!
  17. Stunned Guys – Hymn
  18. Noize Creator – Hardcore enemies you must die!!!
  19. Buzz Fuzz – Emergency call
  20. Bass-D & King Matthew – More than rough
  21. Evil Activities – MC’s and DJ’s
  22. DJ Jago – Death
  23. Art of Fighters – Artwork


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