Hardcore Retrospective #4 – 97-99

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Hardcore Retrospective 4

The last one, was actually made the last. At least there was some sort of chronology in the producing of these 4 babies. This period was pretty depressing when looking back. It was before the revival which came early this millennium. Tracks released hinged back to the good old days of 92-93, but it wasn’t my favorite period although there were of course enough releases. Now that a simple cheesy hardcore tune wouldn’t generate sky-high sales producers put more energy and soul into their tracks. This period also saw the birth of the Jumpstyle and the rise of nowadays stars like Endymion, Vince and The Viper.

In 1997 the hardcore scene exploded. The negative image of gabber in the media, Top 40 hits mocking gabbers and Happy Hardcore that was wearing out: it all led to the birth of Newschool/Newstyle. Slow oldstyle melodies and very catchy. This is a Newschool impression…

Release date: May 2005
Running time: 1:19:44
Style: Hardcore, Newstyle, Newschool, Jump


  1. MikeyMo ft. Sarah Connor – Intro
  2. Da Boy Tommy – Candyman
  3. Don Diablo – City of Angels
  4. DJ Promo – Mad-donna (Newstyle mix)
  5. Meagashira – The Dope Hits Da Mind
  6. DJ Paul vs Panic – Up yours
  7. Forze DJ Team – 98 To Piano
  8. Da Hustlers – Time Limitations
  9. Marshall Masters – Master Anthem
  10. Poogie Bear – Happy together
  11. Mister DJ – Freakin’ it
  12. G-Town Madness – Put Your Hands Up
  13. Men Of Steel – Pain
  14. Fast Forward – Live at Berlin
  15. The Prophet – Do you think I’m sexy
  16. Bodylotion – How Much Can You Take?
  17. Neophyte – Real Hardcore
  18. DJ Isaac & DJ The Viper – Fun-ky Beats
  19. Black Knight – Ruff Rider
  20. Fast Forward – Hangover
  21. Wapper & The Ladykiller – Hardcore Knowledge
  22. Fast Forward – The God of House
  23. DJ Paul vs. Bass-D & King Matthew – Something Evil
  24. Masochist – Killing scum
  25. DJ Vince & The Dark Raver – Thunderground
  26. T-Factor – How many more out there?
  27. Endymion – Judge of darkness
  28. The Viper- Rock The Disc-o-Tek
  29. D’Spyre – Fire and Blood
  30. Kick-Side – Time to blast
  31. Ophidian – Evil Rain
  32. Taciturne – Der Toten
  33. Evil Activities – What’s Inside Me
  34. Neophyte vs. Stunned Guys, The – Get This Motherfucker
  35. Acesone – Tina
  36. B.S.E. – Head-Ache FM
  37. Alienator – Prey
  38. Endorphin – Rest in faith
  39. MikeyMo ft. Sarah Connor – Outro


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