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This CD was the follow up to “Slippery When Wet” only with more Jumpstyle put in it. This was a hype in Belgium at the time but not here. But just because the internet has no borders I was taken up in this hype. The second part of the cd features a lot of tracks from the Jumper label. This CD consists also from a lot of MP3s so the sound quality isn’t the best there is in some cases, although it’s never dreadful.

Year: 2000
Running time: 1:19:48
Style: Club, Dance, Trance, Jump


  1. DJ Mikey – Dream so real…
  2. Anastasia – Anastasia (Radio Mix)
  3. Mario Lopez – The Sound of Nature (Lightforce Radio Cut)
  4. Fend – Code Red (Extended Mix)
  5. DJ BoozyWoozy – Pizzi’s Revenge (The Booze Mix)
  6. The Boy Wunda – Everybody (Yomanda Remix)
  7. Club Robbers – Search For The Ball (Pitcher’s Club Mix)
  8. Gitta – No More Turning Back (Kosmonova Remix)
  9. Sunclub – Bandoneon
  10. Fem@le – The Land Of Make Believe (Radio Cut)
  11. Lightforce – Eternity (Short Cut)
  12. Privilege – The Coke-Man (Cocalero’s Jump Mix)
  13. Sir Round – The Imperial March (The Empire Mix (Short))
  14. S.O. Project – Direct Dizko (Radio Edit)
  15. The Clubmasters – The Riddle (DJ Peter G. & The Clubjock Remix)
  16. Groove Gangsters – Funky Beats (Radio Edit)
  17. DJ Balloon – Pussylovers (Video Edit)
  18. Topmodelz – Strings Of Infinity (Extended Version)
  19. DJ Aligator Project – The Whistle Song (Dirty Radio Version)
  20. SQ-1 – One, Two, Three (Airplay Mix)
  21. Gigi D’Agostino – Another Way (Radio Cut)
  22. Fem@le – Centerfold
  23. DJ Jo – Sweet Dreams (DJ Tom-X Remix Vocal Edit)
  24. Killer K. – Turn It Up (Club Mix)
  25. Clubwatchers – Let The Rhythm Roll (Club Mix)
  26. DJ Mikey – The loading program…
  27. DJ Bart – Wanna Play House (Radio Edit)
  28. Da Boy Tommy – Halloween (Trick Or Treat Remix)
  29. Drive By Shooters – Get Up Aah (Da Boy Tommy’s Jump Cut)
  30. DJ Rob & MC Joe – The Beat Is Flow (Da Rick Remix)
  31. DJ Frank – Dinner (Radio Mix)
  32. DJ Danny – Get On the Floor (Short Mix)
  33. Da Boy Tommy – Kol Nedra (1st Demo Mix)
  34. DJ Bart – Whazz Up (Club Mix)
  35. DJ Quicksilver – Boing (Radio Edit (Club Mix))
  36. DJ Frank – Jump This Party (Original Mix)
  37. TS Mason – Eject (Up and Down Mix)
  38. Da Boy Tommy – Candyman (Butchermix)
  39. The Darkman – Dark-Man (Extended Mix)
  40. Dj Bart – The Blue Pill (Single Edit)
  41. Magica – Magica (Klubbheads Mix)
  42. SM-Trax – Got The Groove (SM In Motion Dub Mix)
  43. DJ Bart – Are You Ready (Radio Edit)
  44. Cab’n’crew – Pure (Aviation) (Klubbheads Remix)
  45. SFL – Paint It Black (Red Mix)
  46. Jonah – Sssst… Listen (Radio Edit)
  47. Jay Dollie – Lollipop (Instr. Jump Mix)
  48. Parla et Pardoux – Liberté
  49. DJ Mikey – Unfortunately…


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