Condemned To Darkness

This is the first hardcore CD produced on a then new iMac G3 in blazing stereo as it follows Deception which was produced in the summer of 2000. The tracks used are all from that period and give a clear view of what was rocking the dancefloor. The only weird thing about this cd is that I used a track from the Rap-formation Body Count as the intro. So my Mix CD starts off with Ice-T.

Year: 2000
Running time: 1:18:29
Style: Jump, Hardcore

01 Bodycount – Smoked Pork
02 DJ Danny – Rock ’n Roll
03 DJ Paul vs. DJ Panic – Is this the future?
04 DJ Promo – What u want
05 Evil Activities – What’s inside me?
06 Bodylotion – Are you blind?
07 DJ Isaac & The Viper – Trigga Finga
08 The Alienator – Prey [Headbanger Remix]
09 50% of the Dreamteam – Open sesame [Theme from Hell]
10 Masters of Ceremony – Way of life
11 Endymion – Hyperbasz
12 DJ Paul vs. DJ Panic – Hate!
13 DJ Rob ft. MC Joe – The Beat is flow ’99
14 Unknown – Fuck the rumours
15 DHT – Total eclipse of the heart
16 Ophidian – Dark comes rising
17 Unknown – Condemned to darkness
18 Men of steel – The future is ours
19 Hard SL – Common Sense
20 DJ Buzz Fuzz ft. The Smous – Psychomaniack
21 Evil Activities – God is a sadist
22 Stunned Guys vs. DJ Lancinhouse – Atmosfera
23 Hard Creation – I will have that power
24 DJ Outblast – Eardrumz
25 Art of Fighters – The beat can’t change


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