Women In Trouble

Women In Trouble

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Women In Trouble is a relatively unknown film with an ensemble cast with a couple of big names. Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt to name a few, which is funny as a movie with several story lines which center on women getting in trouble has men as their most high profile names.

The story lines are interlinked so a character from one storyline occasionally pops up in another ones. The center character is that of Elektra Luxx; a porn star played by Carla Gugino who is also the girlfriend of the director. She stars in almost all of his movies so you could say sleeping with the director gets you parts. Elektra finds out she’s pregnant and gets stuck in an elevator with another woman, Doris, with whom she bonds. Doris’ sister Addy is having an affair with her psychiatrists husband. After finding out she gets drunk and stumbles upon colleagues of Elektra, the dimwitted Holly and Bambi, who take her to a dike bar while Bambi has some gangsters on her trail after witnessing something she should not have seen.
Oh and there’s another story line of Cora, a flight attendant who has a quickie with rock star Nick Chapel (Brolin) who just so happens to be the father of Elektra’s bun in the oven.

These stories are rather short on their own but make a coherent movie when fit together. While no masterpiece it is an enjoyable mash up of several stories featuring strong but also extremely attractive women. That the script gives them reason to walk around in their underwear much is a bonus for the males (and lesbians) in the audience. Basically every girl who is in trouble has a scene where they can show off their cleavage. For Luxx, Bambi and Holly their profession calls for it as they are porn stars, but every other girl basically strips down too. Whether it is shrink Maxine who is drunk and tries to seduce her cheating husband, Addy doing said husband, Cora in the lavatory of a plane or Doris who is stuck in an elevator without air conditioning. There is less cleavage on display in an episode of Baywatch than there is in this movie. And like Baywatch the movie keeps it perfectly PG by teasing with the goods but never putting them on display.

It might sound like a cheap skin flick but truth of the matter is that it is actually quite a witty film with a beating heart beneath it.

Wait for the end credits btw. There’s an after credit scene with Gordon-Levitt, which is his only actual scene other than him being visible on the same plane as Brolin is. The scene is quite funny and really made me appreciate Holly even more.

Carla Gugino in Women In Trouble
Holy mother of God

Women In Trouble Poster
Women In Trouble Poster
Women In Trouble
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Sebastian Gutierrez
  • Cast:
    • Carla Gugino
    • Adrianne Palicki
    • Connie Britton
    • Dan Mailley
  • Genres:
    Comedy, Drama
  • Running time:


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