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In the era of streaming originals, many films seem to vanish into the void. Even those hyped up with fanfare typically fizzle out after their debut week. If you missed the remake of Road House, chances are it’s slipped off your radar for good. Within a few weeks, it becomes a forgotten relic, relegated to a tiny thumbnail on one streaming service. That’s precisely why “The Voyeurs”, a little-known erotic thriller, flew under my radar. It was unceremoniously released onto Amazon Prime, serving as mere filler for their library. However, with Sydney Sweeney gaining traction this year, stumbling upon this title in her filmography piqued my interest enough to give it a shot.

“The Voyeurs” is an erotic thriller that centers on a young couple, Pippa and Thomas, who move into a new apartment in Montreal. They become intrigued by their passionate neighbors, Seb and Julia, and begin spying on them. However, their innocent curiosity soon turns into obsession as they witness intimate moments that challenge their own relationship. As they delve deeper into the lives of Seb and Julia, they uncover dark secrets with potentially dangerous consequences.

“The Voyeurs” delves into the dark realms of obsession and stalking, portraying Pippa’s descent into addiction as she fixates on Seb’s promiscuous escapades, seemingly betraying Julia on a daily basis. While Thomas maintains a more detached stance, Pippa finds herself unable to resist entangling herself further in their neighbors’ lives, all while concealing her own proximity across the street. Their voyeuristic escapades reach a peak when they crash Seb and Julia’s Halloween bash incognito and set up surveillance to eavesdrop on their conversations. What begins as a thrilling game takes a chilling turn when Pippa’s decision to expose Seb’s infidelity to Julia ignites a chain of events veering into a blood-soaked nightmare.

Erotic thrillers once reigned supreme in the cinematic landscape of the 80s and 90s, only to fade into obscurity by the 2000s. Often met with unfavorable critiques, these films struggled to compete against the rising popularity of PG-13 superhero blockbusters, prompting studios to shift their focus. However, “The Voyeurs” boldly embraces its R-rating, reveling in a steamy fusion of “Rear Window” and “Sliver”, unapologetically drenched in nudity and pulsating with intrigue.

Sydney Sweeney shines as a rising star unafraid to bare it all on screen, evident in her groundbreaking performance in “Euphoria” and this year’s charming rom-com “Anything But You”. In an era dominated by sanitized content and cautious performances aimed at teenage audiences, Sweeney stands out as a beacon of boldness, fearlessly embracing nudity when a role demands it. In an industry increasingly shaped by the internet’s scrutiny and relentless screen grabs, her willingness to tackle challenging and provocative roles sets her apart. Slowly emerging as the Eva Green of the 2020s, Sweeney’s daring choices make her a captivating actress worth watching closely.

In a recent review, the writer noted that this movie ranked as the most screen-grabbed of 2021. In today’s digital age, with platforms like Mr. Skin and Sweeney’s widespread popularity, it’s hardly surprising. Interestingly, the film subtly addresses this phenomenon. There’s a scene where Sweeney nonchalantly remarks, “Yep. Those are my boobs.” to a pair of movers caught viewing her nude photos on their phones, adding a touch of wry humor to the situation.

Sweeney undeniably steals the spotlight in this film, overshadowing Justice Smith’s portrayal of Thomas, who feels more like a supporting character. The heart of the movie pulsates with her journey, as she navigates the escalating turmoil of innocent curiosity spiraling into something far darker while spying on their neighbors.

“The Voyeurs” is a film that demands a second viewing. As the story unfolds, numerous setups subtly weave their way into later payoffs, enriching the viewing experience. After relishing in the initial twists and turns, revisiting the film offers a captivating opportunity to uncover the myriad of subtle hints scattered throughout its narrative landscape.

“The Voyeurs” also doesn’t shy away from its steamy side. Whenever the pace seems to lag, the film injects scenes filled with gratuitous nudity and explicit sexual encounters. It’s remarkable how many depictions of oral sex are seamlessly integrated into the storyline, blurring the line between mainstream cinema and adult entertainment.

Midway through the film, an unexpected encounter unfolds as Julia visits Pippa’s workplace for an eye exam and new glasses. Unaware of their shared proximity and connection, Pippa and Julia immediately hit it off, leading to an impromptu hangout. Rather than opting for a casual cup of coffee, they dive straight into the deep end with a naked stroll through a spa. While my eyes were certainly entertained, my brain couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at the rapid intimacy between these newfound friends.

“The Voyeurs” takes a wild turn in its final 20 minutes, veering into the realm of the absurd and over-the-top. A major twist unravels, flipping everything we thought we knew about the story on its head—a revelation that, upon reflection, had been subtly hinted at throughout the film. While I anticipated this twist during its buildup, its execution still left me both amused and incredulous. It’s the kind of twist that begs for a Wild Things-esque montage at the movie’s conclusion, serving as a reminder that sometimes, only in the world of cinema can such outrageous plot twists occur.

The finale of “The Voyeurs” lends purpose to Pippa’s occupation and undeniably delivers a crowd-pleasing resolution, albeit with some imagery reminiscent of a Final Destination movie. However, in the real world, Pippa’s actions can’t simply go unpunished. Thus, it’s difficult to accept that the final shot of her gazing into the camera truly marks the end of this twisted tale.

Sydney Sweeney in The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs Poster
The Voyeurs Poster
The Voyeurs
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Michael Mohan
  • Cast:
    • Sydney Sweeney
    • Justice Smith
    • Ben Hardy
  • Genres:
    Drama, Mystery, Thriller
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