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Addams Family Values

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The end of the first movie set up a possible idea for the sequel; Morticia announced she was pregnant and so Addams Family Values starts off with the birth of the little rascal. Is it a boy? Is it a girl? To quote Gomez: It’s an Addams. Little Pubert, yeah really, already has a little mustache like his father the moment he leaves the womb. Afraid that they won’t be the center of attention any more Wednesday and Pugsley go to great lengths to have little Pubert meet an accident. Also afraid is Morticia, but only that this baby will take up all her time. A nanny is taken into this house hold, not just a nanny, but a serial killer sporting a lot of cleavage and always on the hunt for the next rich man she can marry and then kill while making it look like an accident. Next on her list is Fester.

If there was one general complaint about the first movie it was that it it didn’t have the Addams’ interact with normal people. In the sequel they correct that by having Wednesday and Pugsley go to summer camp. Now to be honest, the so-called normal people are even weirder, especially the over-positive camp councillors who all seem to be on XTC.

The central story line once again revolves around Fester. This time he falls in love with the nanny after she does everything to seduce him. Fester in this movie, is much more insecure when it comes to girls and claims he’s still a virgin at one point. Not a big stretch considering his looks but this guy must be 50 at least. A 50 year old virgin; there is a movie here, I can smell it.

The nanny is played by Joan Cusack who has made an entire career out of playing quirky characters, some of them homicidal. Her Debby Jellinsky here is no difference, but I must say that this is one of the few times I’ve seen her portraying a sex-bomb. It doesn’t quite fit her, though they have gone to great lengths to emphasize her cleavage, though I could swore those breasts seemed bigger to me 19 years ago. Then again, I was 15 so breasts fairly quickly looked large to me considering most of my class mates were still developing.

Due to the death of Raul Julia and the rise to fame by Christina Ricci this was the last Addams Family movie to be released theatrically and whether this one is better than the first is open to debate. I myself think that both movies are on the same level. They both have the same gothic look and jokes, but this one is more lighter due to new locations being used like Camp Chipawa and Fester’s new mansion which inhabits with his new wife.

The Addams Family Values is a solid continuation of the first movie. Both are not real classics, but still decent comedies bound to make you laugh at least a couple of times.

The Addams Family Values screenshot
I bet this nanny is pretty good at nursing

The Addams Family Values Poster
The Addams Family Values Poster
Addams Family Values
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Barry Sonnenfeld
  • Cast:
    • Anjelica Huston
    • Raul Julia
    • Christopher Lloyd
    • Joan Cusack
  • Genres:
    Comedy, Fantasy
  • Running time:


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