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A movie about Ashton Kutcher coming on rich lone cougars so he can live of them. Since he’s married to cougar Demi Moore I must say it’s kind of daring to take on a role like this. The only difference is that Kutcher himself is rich and self made, while his character Nikky in Spread has no job, little money and not even a place above his head. In a way Nikky is a whore as he ’seduces’ women just so he can live in their houses and do everything on their expenses before eventually getting kicked out. He’s not that different from the gold-diggers, the so-called Trophy wives that will give any man a chance as long as his bank account is big enough. Somewhere in the future Nikky sees himself married to a rich woman being her trophy husband, but since this is a movie the question is: will Nikky find true love?

Of course he will, and that love is Heather; a waitress that at first doesn’t fall for his tricks but does see something in him. His persistence will eventually work out only to find out she’s just like him: a pretty woman looking for the perfect rich guy that will marry her. Love is overrated as you can see and in a way that is true of course.

Spread follows a fairly standard plot on someone coming to terms with himself, only the outcome in the end isn’t what people will expect and I thought it to be a bold move. Surprisingly this movie is also filled with sex, so much that I at some point had the idea I was watching a European art-house movie. But no, the cast really shows themselves most notably Ashton Kutcher himself and his cougar-capture Anne Heche, who plays a rich 40-ish lawyer who likes to have a toy boy and is not afraid to let her self go in some sex scenes that leave little to the imagination. She also proves that a woman her age can still look very hot, for those doubting that.

The movie is a vanity project for Kutcher I think, he’s basically in every scene and even has an accent in the voice over which I found to be rather annoying. Luckily he didn’t seem to have this accent during the normal scenes so I can live with it. I don’t think he will be Oscar material, but he has proven to be capable of carrying a movie and does so with certain ease with Spread. He has the job of making a hideous arrogant character appeal to the audience. It didn’t really work, but that’s more due to the material than Kutcher. His Nikky is just a major a-hole. A guy you will not feel sorry for at all. This guy can get any woman in the world, chooses to live off them and at the end we have to feel sorry for him because he’s having difficulty convincing his one true love to stay with his deadbeat ass instead of a probably nice rich guy? No, not really.

Spread is an enjoyable movie spiced up with a lot of gratuitous sex scenes but without a lead character you actually care for. Basically we care for none of the characters as the movie is showing us how plastic and shallow L.A. is. Everybody is selected on either looks, money or both. Since this movie is probably going straight to DVD in most countries it too will probably be sold on the looks of Kutcher.

Spread Screenshot

Spread Poster
Spread Poster
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • David Mackenzie
  • Cast:
    • Ashton Kutcher
    • Anne Heche
    • Margarita Levieva
    • Sebastian Stan
  • Genres:
    Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Running time:


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