She's Out of My League

She’s Out of My League

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After watching Jay Baruchel in She’s Out Of My League I really hope he’s going to show us another side soon. Here he’s playing a character he has been playing for quite some time now: the nerd with the breakable voice that eventually gets the (really hot) girl in the end.
The writers actually took this concept of situations where nerds get the pretty girl in the end and use it for a comedy where people actually question the fact that a guy has a girls that is way out of his league.
Of course it’s natural in real life that nerd get the girl of every man’s dreams when he is filthy rich, but other than that it’s not a common thing.

Object of desire in She’s Out Of My League is Molly played by Alice Eve. You might remember her from being the only watchable thing in Sex and the City 2, where she played the Swedish nanny who didn’t wear a bra. She’s working as someone who organizes parties and events for a living. Well she takes a liking in the nerdy Kirk in a movie where nobody seems to have a last name. Luckily in movies no two people in a movie cast have the same first name unless the script requires them to. Anyway, with Molly being extremely hot and Kirk relatively nerdy, or insecure if you will, there fresh relationship is under a lot of stress from day one until the credits roll of course. Will love overcome, will these two love birds love each other for who they are, will a 5 be able to score with a 10? It’s a romantic comedy so you’ll probably know the answers.

She’s Out of My League has its fair share of laughs but is mostly carried by the supporting cast. Baruchel and Eve are sufficient in their roles, but especially Baruchel seems to be phoning it in. Actually it’s basically the same performance he did in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice but there he was upstaged by a zany Nicholas Cage. Then again this movie was actually released before that one so my argument is merely based upon the fact I saw the Apprentice before League.

There are a couple of funny set-pieces and the moment where Molly’s exterior imperfection is revealed is one that has a really good built up. There is a whole system behind Molly and Kirk’s relation with people being scaled from one to ten in terms of hotness. Kirk is a five while Molly is a ten and as one of Kirk’s friends points out; you can’t go for more than two points above your own grade. With friends so desperate to constantly point out that that hot chick he’s going out with could hardly be seriously interested in him, who needs enemies.

Kirk also has one of those typical dysfunctional families you only see in comedies. This one are so keen on Kirk’s ex she’s still a good member of the family and constantly over even though she’s doing another guy. Luckily this time the entire family for once isn’t played by Eddie Murphy.

She’s Out of My League isn’t a new classic, but it is a funny movie that will provide you with a fairly consistent stream of good jokes. I grade it a on the scale of one to ten a six.

She’s Out of My League Screenshot
Maybe out of his league, but well within his range

She’s Out of My League Poster
She’s Out of My League Poster
She's Out of My League
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Jim Field Smith
  • Cast:
    • Jay Baruchel
    • Alice Eve
    • T.J. Miller
    • Mike Vogel
  • Genres:
    Comedy, Romance
  • Running time:


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