Sheba, Baby

Sheba, Baby

Sheba, Baby picks up where Coffy and Foxy Brown left off having Pam Grier once again start a one-woman-war against organized crime to revenge the death of a family member. This time her father gets gunned down after refusing to sell his loan-company to some criminals. After that all hell breaks loose in this PG-13 movie…

You read that right. Sheba, Baby tones down on the exploitation and violence. Sure it’s there, but not as over-the-top as in Coffy and Foxy Brown. Pam, until this point not someone who has any trouble with showing her naked body, keeps herself clothed practically through the entire movie. Even her outfits don’t emphasize her bust in this movie. But maybe that because this time she didn’t have a costume designer like she had in Foxy Brown. She has one after-the-sex-scene, but it’s one of those that could’ve been lifted straight out of the Bold and The Beautiful.

The movie plays it straight most of the time, even more than Foxy Brown did. Only one character actually stands out as a gimmick; Walker. He goes for a bit of the overacting in his pimp suite. But annoying as he is, he’s also pretty funny in a movie that doesn’t play it for laughs.

Pam Grier plays a private detective this time, which gives her the excuse to walk around with a Magnum in her sholder-holster throughout the entire movie. What bugs me is that in this movie she is quite clumsy in fights while being some sort of professional, while in her earlier movies she was just a nurse or someone like that who went out on some vigilantism. Without any experience she kicked a lot of ass. She must have streetwise I guess.
Fighting wasn’t her strongest suit in this one. In a scene near the end she is walking into a steering cabin with a machine gun and instead of firing a round she gets into a fight with the steering guy and gets beaten. This is a girl who walks around with a Magnum and has no hesitation to shoot at all earlier in the movie using it so why act this stupid now?

All this makes it a lesser movie than Coffy and Foxy Brown but it’s still watchable.

Pam Grier as Sheba
So this is how Michael Jackson changed his skincolor
Sheba, Baby
Sheba Baby
Sheba, Baby


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