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Comedies about sex are a dime a dozen. Porky’s, American Pie. For every truly funny and successful film there are tons of lame films that try to use the same formula to make an easy buck. One might wonder: how hard could it be to make a funny sex comedy. It shouldn’t be too hard you might think, but looking at the shit the has been released over the years you might reconsider your thought on the topic. Just look at the latest DTV American Pie sequels… nuff said!

I watched the unrated version of Sex Drive; a version in which the director and writer claim that they actually put tons more nudity and alternate lines in, also some scenes consist of blooper material like Seth Green ad libbing. They also claim that we shouldn’t be watching this version, but the theatrical one. If we liked that version we should be watching this version. I didn’t listen, so here’s review of the directors cut without having watched the original version.

I had fun! There, said it! This was genuinely a funny film, clocking in over 2 hours it might be long but the drive is good. There are characters here we’ve all seen before. The virgin guy, his feminine BFF who he’s secretly in love with but she just sees him as the guy she cries out with when having boy troubles, the psycho big brother and tons of freaks of nature he will meet along the way. Yup, the title of the movie says it; this is a road trip. This time it’s not about a videotape that has to be recovered but a sex-date that has to be claimed. Yes, the virgin of the movie has a possibility to have sex with a to good to be true hot female chat-buddy and is pushed into taking up on her invitation. of course Dateline NBC is mentioned in the dialogue. It’s rather puzzling as our inexperienced does have options of getting sex in his hometown but that would not make quite a movie so we get a cross country trip to shaven haven.

We get tons of fun scenes and it sometimes feels like a spoof with even things happening in the background. There are the obligatory fart-, sperm-, urine-jokes and they hit the mark actually this time. Not every time, but more than we’re used to nowadays. It’s quite clear what was excised from the theatrical that was in the unrated version. From time to time they edited naked women and an occasional male into the movie having nothing to do with the storyline. They’re just standing there or walking by. There are tons of extended shots of nudity like the camera pointing for about a minute about two girls naked in a pool. Nothing is happening they’re just sitting there. A minute long close up of a couple of testicles while the owner of the set of balls is talking and that sort of thing. There’s also a blooper included giving us even a look a the crew who’s normally out of the frame and Seth Green ad libbing where one character bursts into non scripted laughter and thus breaking the fourth wall. They don’t add much to the movie but don’t destroy it either. In some cases they are really funny.

The end is rather predictable but it’s the road to it that matters and that road is filled with laughter. It does help that the characters are scripted nicely and have just enough depth needed instead of just 2-dimensional objects of bodily-fluid-gags.

So Sex Drive is this year’s American Pie or Porky’s, a welcome addition to a family consisting of a large quantity of bastard children.

Sex Drive’s Amish girls on Rumspringa!
The unrated version contains a lot more of this...

Sex Drive Poster
Sex Drive Poster
Sex Drive
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Sean Anders
  • Cast:
    • Josh Zuckerman
    • Clark Duke
    • Amanda Crew
    • James Marsden
  • Genres:
    Adventure, Comedy, Romance
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