Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2

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After 45 minutes into Sex And The city 2 I paused the movie, turned to my girlfriend and asked her if she could tell me what the plot of the movie is. She responded that she could not discover one. After watching the whole thing I still can’t find one and neither can she. The closest we can come up with is “rich material girls have small-time relationship/personal problems, travel to a Muslim country and never get into real trouble despite not even taking the trouble to cover anything up”. In the real world these girls would have featured in a blocky cellphone movie where their skimpy clothed bodies would have been bludgeoned to death with stones.

For 146 minutes this movie spends time just placing random scenes after one and another which have basically little to no function in a greater story, simply because there is no greater story. Problems get solved within 5 minutes, possible problems turn out to be no problems at all. The movie opens with a gay wedding but the wedding has no influence on the rest of the story. The characters who wed are never seen or heard of again, the whole ordeal was just a showcase to display the gayest wedding ever. Now I’ve got nothing against gays and they should have every right to marry but this wedding will not convince any opposer. And like this the movie goes from scene to scene with only small problems as a line throughout the movie; Samantha has lost her libido, Carrie stumbles upon old love Aidan, Charlotte is affraid her husband at home is going to cheat with the busty nanny and Miranda does nothing more than translate simple words into Arabic and mentions in basically every scene how inappropriate the behaviour of the girls actually is.

The whole movie is as shallow as can be. There are only a couple of jokes and to be honest: time is catching up with the girls. They might have been hot in 1998, 12 years later they look worn out. Only Kirsten Davis still looks somewhat fresh. The problem is not their age, but that their roles seem to be written for 30 year olds and are acted by (almost) 50 year olds. If there is a Sex And The City 3 it will probably deal with urine-loss to be any realistic.

Basically Sex And The city 2 is porn for fashionistas. The storylines are only an excuse for the cast to change into as many outfits as possible, while in pron they are only an excuse to get the actors out of their clothes as fast as possible. The outfits are never as outrageous as the meat dress worn by Lady Gaga, but practicallity is never taken into account. These girls wear high heels while riding a camel in the desert and show legs and cleavage in a country known for Burqas and Niqaabs. The movie actually jumps the shark in the end scene when an angry lynch mob finally appears and the girls are taken into hiding by a group of muslim women wearing body-hiding clothing. They show the girls they are wearing western fashion beneath their niqaabs. Brith Of A Nation is more sensitive towards other cultures.

I am not the target audience, but even a longtime fan of the show thought that this movie sucked. The only high point for a guy watching this movie was the Charlotte’s nanny and she only has 3 scenes.

Sex And The city 2 Screenshot
The reason the movie at least deserves one star

Sex And The city 2 Poster
Sex And The city 2 Poster
Sex and the City 2
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Michael Patrick King
  • Cast:
    • Sarah Jessica Parker
    • Kim Cattrall
    • Kristin Davis
    • Cynthia Nixon
  • Genres:
    Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Running time:


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