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If I was really lazy, which I actually am by the way, I could grab my review of last years installment of Saw, change a few minor points like names and post it as an entirely new review. You probably would not even notice. What was a novelty horror movie a few years back followed up with a good sequel a year later became a tradition of a Saw movie every Halloween in the theaters. The series is so obsessed with being one entire story of which every movie is a piece of the puzzle the latest edition is filled with flashbacks taken from previous entries. With seven movies with a run time of 90 minutes this adds up to one complete movie of 10,5 hours, making this practically the Lord Of The Rings of horror.

What says a lot about Saw VII (officially released as Saw 3D but I would like to shed a light on the fact that this is movie seven about a serial killer that died in the third movie) is the trivia page on IMDB:

  • The garage trap was written for an earlier film in the series, but the producers felt it was “too disturbing” to show in a film. For an unknown reason they finally allowed it to be filmed.
  • The first “Saw” sequel to not have a roman numeral in its title.
  • This movie has the most traps in the entire franchise.
  • Highest body count of any Saw film

So basically what this says is that this movie is higher on gore than the previous movies and the makers noted that notifying people of the fact that this is movie #7 would be a letdown and thus used the oh so trendy 3D. The 3D is pretty non existent by the way.

By this time your only watching this movie because you like the Saw franchise, and to be honest I like it too. It’s nothing great and the quality quickly declined after part 2 but the worst Saw installment holds up better than the worst Elm Street, Friday or Halloween movie.

Saw uses mystery by having twist endings and people whose identities remain a secret at first assisting Jigsaw. But the greatest mystery the Saw series fails to unravel is how in hell Jigsaw and his adversaries find abandoned places where the games can take place, get all of their equipment and possess the skill to create all those devices triggered by time, heat, sound and what not. Maybe there’s a night school study for that.

Saw 3D is a decent entry in the series and provides nice closure to a series that basically has run its course, despite leaving the ending open for another movie.

Did you actually notice how I never mentioned the plot or the acting? Probably not because with this being a Saw movie you probably don’t care.

Saw 3D Poster
Saw 3D Poster
Saw 3D
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Kevin Greutert
  • Cast:
    • Tobin Bell
    • Costas Mandylor
    • Betsy Russell
    • Cary Elwes
  • Genres:
    Horror, Mystery
  • Running time:


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