Save The Last Dance

Save The Last Dance

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The way I see it, Save The Last Dance isn’t anything more than a Flashdance for the afro-american audience.

Replace Jennifer Beals with Julia Stiles and the Flashdance’s male leadplayer with Sean Patrick Thomas, change the music from 80´s pop/rock to R&B and you’ve got Save the last dance. Let´s face it:

– a girl with only one relative she has a bit contact with – occupied in the daytime so she can only train at night – an unfolding lovestory – The lovestory is troubled by the male’s family/friends – The endsequence is practically identical, including the fowlup in the audition.

They should not have copied Flashdance this close. Flashdance is a classic, this is definitely not.

I think that guy on the left has lost his contactlenses

Save The Last Dance
Save The Last Dance
Save The Last Dance
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Thomas Carter
  • Cast:
    • Julia Stiles
    • Sean Patrick Thomas
    • Kerry Washington
    • Fredro Starr
  • Genres:
    Drama, Music, Romance
  • Running time:


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