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Jason Statham is like the current day Steven Seagal, every movie in which he headlines he plays the same character. Even his appearance rarely changes. 2013 starts off with him in a revenge movie named Parker. I’m not sure why they have named the movie Parker. Sure I understand that that’s the character’s name, but why not something more imaginative? It’s not a famous character, it doesn’t tickle the curiosity of the movie going public. Now it’s like: “Here’s a movie named Parker, but all you need to know is that it stars Jason Statham, and we’ve thrown in Jennifer Lopez as well for good measure.”

It’s the classic story of a thief (with principles/a code) whose colleagues (without principles/code) betray him and leave him for dead. After waking up in the hospital he goes out to get revenge on them. There is no real twist to this story here, only the execution varies. Instead of Parker going all “Hard To Kill” on them he takes things slower and sets up a plan to foil his ex-colleagues’ next heist as well as taking their lives.

Lopez plays the potential love interest, but not quite since Parker is already engaged/married/seeing someone. I can’t quite remember which but the important thing is that though he has Lopez undress herself (still looking exquisite) he never actually fancies her. She’s just helping him because she just had a costly divorce and her real estate job isn’t paying her enough. Who would have thought that in these times?

Parker is just your latest average Statham vehicle. It’s fun, he plays it straight as always, there are some cool choreographed fight scenes and that’s it. Due to the whole Lopez-subplot the movie feels overlong and could have just as well have a running time of 90 minutes instead of the 115 it has now.

Next to Lopez the supporting cast also consists of Nick Nolte, Gyp Rosetti from Boardwalk Empire, Vic Mackey from The Shield and Bunk from The Wire. It’s always fun to see Bobby Cannavale, Michael Chiklis and Wendell Pierce in something, though especially Bobby Cannavale’s role as a police officer with a crush on Lopez is pretty thankless and serves no purpose to the story. All of his scenes could have easily been cut and it wouldn’t have hurt the movie.

Parker is a decent action movie, but there’s nothing memorable here other than the Jennifer Lopez stripping scene. A scene which will probably be on the internet forever.

Parker Screenshot

Parker Poster
Parker Poster
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Taylor Hackford
  • Cast:
    • Jason Statham
    • Jennifer Lopez
    • Michael Chiklis
    • Nick Nolte
  • Genres:
    Action, Crime, Thriller
  • Running time:


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