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Singers, they always have to prove they’re multi-talented. Now most actors won’t try singing, but somehow most singers do give a shot at acting. However only a few ever receive critical acclaim and to this day Beyonce is not one of them. She is improving, but not even Obsessed will earn her credit as the movie is just too bad and too unoriginal to leave an impact. If her acting is approving, her feeling for picking the right script sure isn’t. Obsessed is like one of her many hit-songs brought to the big screen which makes you question the sanity of the lyrics.

When a new temp girl meets one of the head honcho’s of a big stock-firm they’re immediately attracted to each other. But unfortunately the guy is married and for once is really dedicated to his marriage. The guy is tall, dark (literally), handsome and makes good money. You guessed it, he comes right out of a romance novel. So this tempgirl, played by Ali Larter doing her Heroes character once again, offers herself to the hunk who goes by the name of Derek, which makes this probably the first time a black man is called Derek. Not that there’s anything wrong with that it’s just that when a character is named Derek I immediately think of Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste and thus I started yelling at the screen: He won’t cheat cause he’s a Derek! Derek keeps putting her off and off again even when she shows up practically naked in his car. So she quits her job never to be heard of again. OK, not quite, but it would be good if it was because then this movie would be over. You’ve seen the trailer or read the backside of the DVD: she goes completely Fatal Attraction even though he never even laid a finger on her. She even does an attempt at suicide which brings the cops in the movie. Ha, end of story! No still not!

Ali Larters Ass in Obsessed

Here’s the money shot, so you can keep your $ in your wallet!

At this point you might be wondering where Beyoncé is in all this. At home, mostly. You see, Derek and Sharon (Beyoncé) met at the office. She was his secretary and saw how he scored with all the pussy in the office. Well she was the one he actually really loved and to whom he dedicated his love and life for. But she really has issues like demanding that he does not have a female secretary. The first half of the movie B. is constantly whining over and over again. If she was my wife, I knew what I would do with Ali Later if she came up to me for some fun time… then again, this is Beyoncé so if you’re caught you will probably be featured in her next hit-single.

Now the moment I really started to hate the Beyoncé character was when she was calling her husbands colleagues because he didn’t answer his cellphone and eventually shows up in the hospital where Ali is being treated after the suicide attempt. Without even letting anyone finish a sentence she just yells trough anything like a guest on Jerry Springer. You can take Beyoncé out of the Ghetto, but you can’t take the Ghetto out of Beyoncé. Then they get into this big fight, well she does while he just tries to explain that he never did anything with that woman. And she is oh-so pissed because he never told her she was hitting on him… Well, that’s not really weird when you considered she flipped and wanted her fired for just being too pretty. Then comes the ultimate frustrating moment as she demands him to go to the nearest hotel as she does not want him in the house. Ehm, who’s paying the bills here ms not-so-independent-woman? And besides, the house is big enough for him to sleep in a guest room.

At this point the movie starts as a relationship-drama as Ali moves out of the picture and we get long extended break up scenes of two people slowly getting back together, and I do mean slowly. I felt sorry for the guy. he is basically the victim in this who did not do anything wrong and yet he’s not welcome in his own home for several months! Well of course the character of Ali returns and then finally we get to see bitchy Beyoncé go out one on one in the bitch-fight to end all bitch-fights. This the only satisfying piece of the film as these women really go out on each other, this is what saves the movie from being a total abomination.

Obsession is the 129874th Fatal Attraction rip-off that has been produced over the years, this time with a black cast thrown in. It fails to pack a punch, do something really memorable or take the subject matter into a fresh direction. Now I must add that my girlfriend loved the movie so maybe it’s more of a movie for the female gender. Men, if you have to watch it because your girlfriend has got to pick the movie you’ll at least get to enjoy Beyoncés cleavage and Ali Larters body. So it’s not a complete loss.

Obsessed Screenshot

Obsessed Poster
Obsessed Poster
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Steve Shill
  • Cast:
    • Beyoncé Knowles
    • Idris Elba
    • Ali Larter
    • Jerry O'Connell
  • Genres:
    Drama, Thriller
  • Running time:


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