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The third installment of what never should have been a franchise in the first place and Little Fockers doesn’t cover any new grounds at all. The first movie was an average comedy, nothing too hilarious and second one had a declining quality to it. They continue to do that with this movie which I saw with an audience that was pretty much quiet during large parts of the movie. That shouldn’t be the case with a comedy.

Little Fockers reunites all the cast members from the previous movie and adds a couple of new ones. Jessica Alba is a super sexy representative of a pharmaceutical company who has the attitude of a surfer girl, Harvey Keitel is a construction worker who’s taking old Gaylord for a loop and good old Laura Dern pops up as the principal of an expensive private school.

There is a plot in this movie, but that’s not really important because the biggest selling point is once again the face-off between Jack Byrnes (Robert DeNiro) and Ben Stiller as father- and son-in-law. Stiller has the opportunity to become the new family-patriarch when Jack’s other son-in-law has divorced his daughter after cheating on her. But when Gaylord seems to be spending an awful lot of time with Alba’s Andi Garcia (ha ha) and is caught lying about it, he goes out on an investigation which along the way takes us to unwanted erections, Alba in her undies and a fight of epic proportions on a playground.

Also back are Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman as Gaylord’s parents. They only appear in a few scenes and the fact that these scenes have been shot and put in the movie after failed test screenings is obviously clear. They have no function to the story and there scenes have little to no interaction with the rest of the cast other than to Ben Stiller.

There are some funny moments though, but they are few and most of them involve bodily fluids or certain parts of the human anatomy.

I really hope this is the end of this franchise, but looking at the box office my guess is it can’t be too long before a next sequel is being greenly. Oh well, just make it about Jessica Alba in her undies and i’ll be standing first in line.

Little Fockers Poster
Little Fockers Poster
Little Fockers
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Paul Weitz
  • Cast:
    • Ben Stiller
    • Teri Polo
    • Robert De Niro
    • Owen Wilson
  • Genres:
    Comedy, Romance
  • Running time:


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