I Love You, Man

I Love You, Man

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Ah finally, a bromantic comedy, or the Brom-Com for short, but that just sounds weird. Well here’s a key example of hopefully more brom-coms to come. This movie is about a Paul Rudd who’s about to get married but never actually related to any other guy, just girls, so he never goes out with his friends. Now girls find that actually troublesome according to this film which made me wonder: If you don’t have any friends, they feel like they can’t do anything for themselves. If you do have friends every minute you spend with them is actually 1 too much. Women, walking Venus Fly Traps. So Paul goes out to find a best friend and takes us with him on his journey.

And what a journey it is. As a guy I loved this movie that surprisingly had very little body-fluid jokes in it. Of course they are there, but not so much as you would’ve expect. Most of the times I was laughing at the sheer funniness of the dialogue between the leads and in some cases the more physical comedy. Some jokes are so easy I should dislike them bu t I couldn’t help but laughing when in a telephone conversation with Lou “The Hulk” Ferrigno someone in the back advises not to make him angry because you won’t like Lou when he’s angry. Simple, yet funny in my opinion.

The movie is very funny, but it isn’t perfect. Story-wise the movie isn’t very engaging and unlike the women have with their romantic comedies; that they are hoping for a good outcome, I never was pulled in the story-line. The plot is just there so all the jokes have some consistency. When you do that I think it’s better to use a ridiculous story like Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back rather than something serious. But that’s the only point of negative critique I can make about this movie that entertained me from the opening-scene to the obligatory happy ending and that’s sufficient enough I think.

I Love You, Man is very funny, and I can recommend it to everyone. It would only have reached the levels of perfection if it had a better plot.

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I Love You, Man Poster
I Love You, Man Poster
I Love You, Man
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • John Hamburg
  • Cast:
    • Paul Rudd
    • Jason Segel
    • Rashida Jones
    • Sarah Burns
  • Genres:
    Comedy, Romance
  • Running time:


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