Hard To Kill

Hard To Kill is Steven Seagal’s second film and has a more basic plot than his debut Above The Law. Situated in 1983 Steven, named Mason Storm, uncovers a plot to kill a sitting senator (hey, that was also the plot for Above The Law!) and while having a sweet one-on-one with his wife they get shot to death… Not really as it turns out that Steven is just in a coma and is put away in a specialized hospital anonymously by a friend. Fast-Forward to 1990 were he awakens from his coma goes on a rampage to avenge his wife and kid and to clear his name… The baddies are gonna find out Mason Storm is… Hard To Kill!

Hard to Kill screenshotYup,originality isn’t this films strongest suit as it’s your basic revenge flick but it does deliver the goods where needed and is an easy way to spend 90 minutes with your brain in stand-by, which actually is advisable as there are a couple of plot points that need a big suspension of disbelief. Then again, these aren’t movies you watch for their realistic plot and execution.

Hard to Kill screenshot

As said earlier this movie is more basic and is comparable to some of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s early movies like Kickboxer, Death Warrant, Wrong Bet etc. Simple flicks who are made to showcase the talents of the main star. Hard to kill does exactly that and adds some interesting sequences free of charge! Most notable is the escape from a hospital in a bed while a professional killer is trying to kill Mason. Another thing that has to be seen to be believed is the fake beard Seagal wears when awaking from his coma. This movie also marks as the only movie that has a Seagal training montage like in the Rocky movies. The only thing it misses is an 80 up-tempo rock tune. Was Survivor unavailable of too expensive?

Hard to Kill screenshotThe fight-scenes are Seagal-standard though more expanded when compared to Above The Law. For the first time he get close-ups of the bone-breaking and all of the fights that occur post-coma are brutal. Steven really shows he’s pissed off and out for revenge. This movie delivers what one expects and then some.

This is a movie that is great in it’s own genre, but not outside of it. In Seagal-standards it’s still one of his most fun movies.

Death by pool cue!