Escape From The Planet Of the Apes

Escape From The Planet Of the Apes

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Escape From The Planet Of the Apes is not quite really the correct title for the 3rd movie in the Planet Of The Apes franchise. A better name would be Escaped From The Planet Of the Apes as Zira, Cornelius and Milo have landed on Earth, present day, during the opening escapefromplanetoftheapess. So there isn’t much escaping going on here, no deadlines to be reached and no explanation on screen as to how these apes have salvaged a this space ship from the water and made it working again in a short time despite having no knowledge of electronica whatsoever. So we’re left with a remark that Milo has figured out in an incredibly shorty time how to repair and control a space ship and has left the planet just before it was destroyed in the previous movie.

The movie refers the plot from the first movie and makes the Apes the so-called fishes out of the water. At first people think they’re just chimpanzees, despite the fact that they’re clothed and have average human lengths but the status quo in these movie is that these dressed up humans are supposedly actual chimpanzees. They reveal themselves to some scientists and become a world sensation overnight even dressing themselves up in 70s fashion, a fun scene which gives the movie a light feeling before the impending doom is coming down.

Even though there’s no Doc Brown in this movie talking about the dangers of going back to past and the changes that could com from that one politician is smart enough to figure out that the existence of these future developed apes will be the downfall of man as Zira has described while being drunk. The fact that she turns out to be pregnant doesn’t help their case.

The movie turns into a cat and mouse game with Zira and Cornelius running from the authorities aided by the scientists.

Despite the implausible set up, once looked past that the movie is quite entertaining and tightly written. There’s a lot of fun with these apes set in our world though it’s clear from the start that they won’t be getting an easy life in the present day.
The last part of the movie is probably the weakest as the government is really bad at capturing a few loose apes that are within yards from the compound they were held. The resolution will shock people, while the ending is a perfect twist for another sequel.

From a movie franchise Charlton Heston wanted to kill off by blowing the planet up Escape From The Planet Of the Apes is a start in making the story line come full circle and explaining exactly how exactly the apes came to rule the world.

Escape From The Planet Of the Apes poster
Escape From The Planet Of the Apes poster
Escape From The Planet Of the Apes
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Don Taylor
  • Cast:
    • Roddy McDowall
    • Kim Hunter
    • Bradford Dillman
    • Natalie Trundy
  • Genres:
    Action, Sci-Fi
  • Running time:


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