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Ed Gein

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I saw the trailer and it made me curious immediately. Upon seeing this movie I was a little disappointed because the whole thing feels like some sort of documentary but in this documentary nothing is really explained well.

I saw the movie and afterwards reading comments back here I got to know that lamps on the table were made out of human flesh and more of those little things you have to know. That’s the main problem with this movie. You have to know Ed Gein, you can’t simply view the film and get everything. One of the failed scenes to me is the fleshdress-scene. We see Ed sowing human skin together, perfectly understandable for the audience. Then it is night and the door to Ed’s home opens. He comes out in his dress, makes a pirrouet and that’s it! The dress won’t be seen again. It would make more sense if we saw Ed a couple of more times at night in his dress.

One other thing that happens is that there are about 3 killings if I’m not mistaken. 3 killings in 90 minutes is a bit low for a serial killer, but the again Ed killed only 3 people. He was more active with grave robbin’ but they could give it all some more tension? One great compliment goes out to Steve Railsback as Ed, the guy is an incredible actor in this movie. Maybe it’s a good idea to remake this film with a rewritten script and Steve returning as Ed?

Ed Gein
Now that’s a fashion statement!

Ed Gein
Ed Gein
Ed Gein
  • Year:
  • Director:
    • Chuck Parello
  • Cast:
    • Steve Railsback
    • Carrie Snodgress
    • Carol Mansell
    • Sally Champlin
  • Genres:
    Biography, Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller
  • Running time:


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