If there’s a movie that will divide audiences it will be this one as Brüno is not to everyone’s taste. Those not offended with the sight of a man’s penis dangling and even talking on the screen should be able to digest the rest of the movie with ease. For those people Brüno will provide some really hilarious moments. For those who are offended: maybe this is the time for you to set your opinions aside and just go with it…

Brüno is the 3rd and least likeable character from the Ali G show, and I mean likeable in a way that Ali G. and Borat were just plain ignorant, Brüno is one of those selfabsorbed queer guys. Instead of being hateful against certain groups of minorities Brüno is a minority himself who actually makes it justified to be prejudice as he’s the very stereotype of the homosexual how anyone with a grudge against them sees them. If gay people are your nightmare, than Brüno is a dream come true. In a bad way.

And still, his antics are funny as hell. Wether they are scripted or not, the movie made me laugh out loud so many times I lost count within 15 minutes of its running time. At times I was really wondering if Cohen, who plays the gay Austrian, didn’t have some security standing around the corner. You won’t have to expect anything from someone like Ron Paul, but a crowd of really conservative cage-fight enthusiasts? That was as scary as it was hilarious.

Brüno is fairly low on plot and the plot that it has has been recycled from Borat. Brüno is on a quest over the world, rather than just America, to become famous. He is much closer to his assistent than he should be, again. This time the assistent is a nerdy Austrian rather than a fat Eastern European.
Not for everybody, but really, really funny.

Brüno Screenshot
His ass was probably on fire. It happens.
Brüno Poster


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