1 Night in Paris

1 Night in Paris

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This video is a curiosity item of course. To compare it to scripted movies is not the thing one should do. This is a nothing more than an amateur home video, so don’t expect better quality then the average “american’s funniest home video”

That aside, this is a fun tape to watch. Instead of fake orgasms and bad acting we get to see two people having fun with each other in a very natural way. That one of the two is the world famous barely legal and wealthy Paris Hilton is what makes this tape special and different from the average home video tape shot by a couple.

Well, we get to see Paris from all angles, and she sure knows how to give a guy oral pleasure. It does help that on the tape she looks more attractive than in her outings in other media, I guess that’s mainly because here’s she’s really herself instead of someone knowing that an audience is watching. The girl has got talent, maybe she should consider making these movies as a profession.

1 Night in Paris
The Bare Tit Project

One Night In Paris
One Night In Paris
1 Night in Paris
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