The movie career of 2Pac

The movie career of 2Pac

Poetic Justice (1993)

Poetic JusticePoetic Justice centers around a woman named Justice who in her spare time writes poetry. Hence the title. She mourns over her boyfriend who was shot dead over a small quarrel and has, for now, sworn off men. That changes when she goes on a trip with a female friend and the friend’s boyfriend. Also coming along is Lucky, a postman played by Tupac Shakur who eventually becomes the love interest of Justice.
Originally this movie is more of a star vehicle for Janet Jackson who after this disappeared from the movies for 7 years until The Nutty Professor 2 came along. Janet’s acting is quite good but to quote the late Gene Siskel Tupac is “the real star of the movie who was exceptionally good in a low-key performance”. Tupac has shaved his head and looks less boyish. This is the image of Tupac everybody will remember. What is also admirable is that Tupac shows range by appearing in a romantic movie than a another urban drama which one would naturally expect after Juice. Ironically director John Singleton offered the role of Lucky first to Ice Cube but he refused because he claimed that he was not at a point in his career where he would play in a romantic movie. Surprisingly during the course of the movie no music from both musicians is played. A wise decision I might add as it would probably distract from the movie.
In my opinion, looking at his filmography this is Tupac’s most commercially interesting movie he made as it is the only movie that I knew by name before starting this retrospect. All the other movies went straight to video or weren’t released at all over here in the Netherlands.
The movie itself is not bad but no classic either. It is Tupacs highest grossing film ever and was on the #1 spot of the box office for one week. Tupac showcases once more that he can really act and I don’t think Ice Cube could pull off such a performance.
You can read my review here.

Tupac Shakur in Poetic Justice


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