The movie career of 2Pac

The movie career of 2Pac

Juice (1992)

Juice Poster In Juice Tupac, in his first starring role, plays a member of a crew of young black people on the streets of Harlem. He becomes the villain of the piece and delivers a memorable performance. Tupac still has his boyish looks here as he has yet to fully grow his mustache and beard, shave his head and get himself inked all over his body.
This movie was directed by Ernest R. Dickerson who’s the cinematographer of several Spike Lee movies before directing and co-writing this movie about young black people slowly transcending into the world of serious crime in which Tupac plays a key-role as the crew-member who is intrigued by gangsters and criminals and has the desire to become one himself. When crossing the border he becomes lethal even to his own friends. The role he plays really fits the gangster-rap image he had.
The movie was well-received among critics but never reached a (world-)wide audience like similar movies about young black youth (Boyz ‘n the Hood, Menace To Society) did. Juice is nowadays still not a very well known film and has been released on DVD only in Region 1 (America, Canada) but it is a good film, as you can read in my review, and Tupac shines in his first real acting gig.

Tupac Shakur in Juice


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