The most shameless poster ripoffs... ever!

The most shameless poster ripoffs... ever!

Collateral Damage

Far Cry (2008) – Collateral Damage (2002)
Ah, an Uwe Boll movie in this list. Wouldn’t be complete without it I guess. Apart from the pose with the gun you can see the similarities; star name in the top-center, helicopters on the top-right, below the helicopers clouds of explosions, and on the left the star of the movie looking to the right in a menacing way. They just added a gun… brilliant.

Jaws, Piranha

Piranha (1978) – Jaws (1975)
Jaws spawned many ripoffs and it was only a matter of time before there were more underwater terror movies. In piranha they not only stole the premise and changed it from salt water killer to fresh water killers, but they also stole the whole poster concept. Only they made a piranha which is even bigger than a great white shark which is kinda dumb, especially since they’re the normal sized in the movie… The woman on the poster doesn’t need to worry as he’s actually going after the title of the movie instead of her feet…

Jaws 2, Great White

Great White (1981) – Jaws 2 (1978)
And there’s Jaws 2! Great succes + low budget = sequel! Part 2’s poster is based upon the poster for part 1 but now with the shark popping out of the water. Nothing to write home about, but the designer for the poster of the Italian movie L’Ultimo squalo (Great White) must have thought of it as a great template for a movie nobody outside Italia would probably see, let alone the poster… I bet he didn’t expect for something called the Internet to be invented and released for the general public!

Navy Seals, Red Dawn

Navy Seals (1990) – Red Dawn (1984)
Now this is a more tricky one because because they are not exact copies from each other but somehow I always mixed these two movies up. Let’s see: red-orange-yellow background: Check! Big Blocky Title; Check! Something in the air in the background: Check! Two male leads, one holding a big gun: Check! Charlie Sheen: Check!
Both these movies are distributed by MGM, so you can even get a copy of these movies bundled together!


Confessions of a dangerous mind (2002) – Scarface (1983)
When looking at the Confessions of a dangerous mind poster it doesn’t struck you as an unoriginal poster, but when put next to the poster of Scarface one can’t help but notice all the similarities; the use of color, the black and white part divided by the main character. The most shocking difference is that the suit is now black and that they added a gun. Hey they also did that with Far Cry… do I smell a trend here?


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