1. Women In Danger

    Re: Women In Danger Special

  2. Why The Dark Knight Rises is actually a Rocky III remake

  3. Oh hit movie theme song, were art thou?

  4. Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried in Chloe

    The life & death of the Erotic Thriller

  5. Hollow Man

    The day the special effect died

  6. Batman: The Animated Series Poster

    Looking back at: Batman – The Animated Series

  7. Jennifer Beals in Flashdance

    Failed to launch

  8. Academy Award

    Best Picture? We don’t think so!

  9. 2Pac Featured image

    The movie career of 2Pac

  10. The legacy of "Die Hard"

    The legacy of “Die Hard”

  11. Black Sheep

    The black sheep of the franchise

  12. Shameless mashup

    The most shameless poster ripoffs… ever!

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