1. The Walking Dead season 1 cast

    The Walking Dead needs an endgame

  2. The failure of the DC Extended Universe

  3. Saved By The Bell cast

    Looking back at: Saved By The Bell

  4. Boyz N the Hood

    Straight Outta Compton: return of the “hood movie”

  5. Yoda Puppet vs CGI

    In defense of George Lucas

  6. Glee poster

    Looking back at: Glee

  7. Leprechaun cover

    What The Franchise?!: Leprechaun

  8. Batman & Green Arrow

    The similarities between Arrow and the Dark Knight Trilogy

  9. Frozen

    Frozen: the most overrated movie of all time?

  10. The Bridge

    Looking back at: The Bridge

  11. The Sopranos

    Looking back at: The Sopranos

  12. The Flash

    Looking back at: The Flash

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